Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Is The Tornado Fuel Saver. Does The Tornado Fuel Saver Work?

Tornado Fuel Saver
By Bryan Super

I am sure you have heard the commercial. Buy the "Tornado Fuel Saver" and make your next tank of gas last longer. The Tornado Fuel Saver is a gadget that you put into your fuel line near you engine that is supposed to enhance your miles per gallon. WIth the concerns of rising gas prices, people are looking for ways to save money on the fuel that they purchase so they fall into the trap.

I have tested the Tornado Fuel Saver and I can say, in my opinion, that it does not do that much. At most, I saved .1 miles per gallon. That is far from what they advertise on their fuel saver commercials. I should also mention that many automotive places do not sell the Tornado Fuel Saver because they have seen that it does not work as well as many hope and people would bring it back and request a refund.

If you do not want to drop money and try the Tornado Fuel Saver for yourself then here are a few ways to save fuel:

Drive the speed limit. Driving fast burns gas more quickly. Do not drive around with large items in or on your car. The lighter your car the less gas you will burn. Check your tires every so often to make sure they are inflated correctly. Low tires cause more gas to burn.

While these methods will help you fuel savers out a little, there is another method which is amazing. You can make this device by yourself and save up to 30% on your gas mileage. This fuel saving method actually works and the cost is less than half of what the Tornado Fuel Saver pricetag is.