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Why Are Gas Prices So High? How To Prepare For Increasing Gas Prices.

Why the Gas Price is Very High? What Can You Do About It?
By Entjik Jeffrie

The problem with the gas price today is linked to the economic laws. The first economic law is “prices double every 10 years” and the second law is “the law of supply and demand.”

10 years ago the average gas price was $1.50 and today the average gas price is $3.00. We don't have to be a genius to predict how much the gas price will be in 10 years $3.00 * 2 = $6 gallon, and in another 10 years, the gas price will be $3.00 * 2 = $12/gallon and so on.

So basically, if you can't find a job that pays you double in 10 years, you will be in a financial disaster because your expenses will be higher than your income.

So it is important to improve yourself, so you can double your income every 10 years. You get paid because of the information and the knowledge that you can contribute to your work place.

The supply and demand law, as long as you and I still drive our car and the car needs gas. There is nothing that the government can do to lower the gas price. If the supply is low and the demand is high, automatically the price will go up. If the supply is abundant and the demand is low, the price will go down.

Gas is one of the most demanding products out there, because if there is no gas, a lot of people won't be able to drive their car. A lot of businesses can't transport their products because their trucks can't run without gas. Many people decided to ride their bicycle and motorcycle to work because they just can't afford to buy the $3/gallon gas for their car.

Why does the food price go up too? Well when the cost of transporting the food from the food manufacture to the store is increased because of the price of gas, the food manufacture must increase the price of their product in order to maintain their profit margin.

What can you do about it? Well, you can get a second job to increase your income, or learn how to do a part time business to bring additional income. Learn to invest in yourself, keep your knowledge and information up-to-date, and learn more skills and get more information.

I hope this article helps to give you a little bit preparation for your future. Many people don't know this, and when they see prices doubled in 10 years, they are shocked and they are caught unprepared. The last thing that you want to do is panicking, because when you panic, your mind will be clouded and you can’t think straight.

When it comes to preparing your financial future, you can’t be lazy and be sitting around and wait for a miracle to come, because you are the only person who is responsible for your future.

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